Carrying a gene mutation not only impacts your risk of developing cancer but can also affect you emotionally. You will likely experience a range of emotions that may be difficult to cope with and cause you stress.

Farah talks about life before and after
learning her genetic test results

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…I’d been pretty healthy my whole life, I had led a healthy lifestyle. So to find out something so big, when I really wasn’t expecting it, it all happened really fast…


Making decisions about how to manage your risk can be particularly stressful. Everyone reacts differently after learning that they carry a BRCA mutation. Everyone will decide on how they want to manage their risk in their own way. Remember that however you feel is OK and valid. Having healthy coping strategies will help you live with this mutation.

This section contains videos of women with BRCA mutations talking about how they have coped with stress and made difficult decisions. You will also find activities to help you cope with stress.