A risk-reducing mastectomy or oophorectomy will affect you – both physically and emotionally. Our bodies – and how we feel and express ourselves as sexual beings – are central to our sense of self. After a mastectomy, many women feel that they have lost an important part of themselves, and may continue to feel this way even after having breast reconstruction.

You might worry about feeling less feminine and attractive. You might worry about how your current or future partners will react to your body. The changes to your body can also affect how you are sexually intimate with your partner.

Getting used to the way you look and feel after surgery will take time. It’s good to keep in mind that after risk-reducing surgery, most women feel satisfaction and relief knowing that they have taken control of their cancer risk.

Farah talks about life after surgery

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I’m not saying you can’t have the same life you had before, but it’s a huge life-changing thing and life is going to be different. 


In this section, you can listen to women talk about how their body image and sexuality changed after surgery, and how they coped with these changes. You will also find suggestions to help you cope with the changes to your body and talk with your partner about sex after surgery.