Learning that breast cancer has spread to other parts of your body is devastating, whether this comes after a period of wellness after your initial treatment or as a first diagnosis. The information in this section about metastatic breast cancer is intended to help you make treatment decisions and cope with your emotions. image of older woman with breast cancer and young child

Living with uncertainty about the future is challenging. You can benefit greatly by playing an active role in decisions about your treatment for metastatic breast cancer. You can gain, or regain, a sense of control that may alleviate some feelings of isolation and, most importantly, help you find a renewed sense of hope.

Remember that you are still you – and you know yourself and your body better than any one else. In addition to helping you understand your diagnosis and treatments options for metastatic breast cancer, the information in this section covers how to advocate for yourself and how to care for your emotional well-being while living with a metastatic diagnosis.

You are not alone. No one understands the impact a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can have on your life and the challenges that you will face as well as someone who is travelling the same path — a peer. Call us at 1.888.778.3100 to connect with a member of our team for support and information.

Coping with the news of your diagnosis


Understanding your diagnosis


Understanding treatment options for metastatic breast cancer


Managing your treatment symptoms and side effects


Integrative and complementary approaches to your care


Accessing new medicines


Palliative care as part of your treatment plan


Managing your everyday well-being


Practical issues and end-of-life care planning


Living your life and looking to tomorrow





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