This tool helps people find information about what metastatic breast cancer drugs are publicly funded in each province and territory across Canada, including their status within the drug approval process. General information about the various treatments for metastatic breast cancer is included, as well as information about additional funding sources for drugs that aren’t currently listed on public formularies.


Metastatic Breast Cancer Priority Setting Partnership
The Metastatic Breast Cancer Priority Setting Partnership has a goal to identify the research priorities of those most affected by metastatic breast cancer. An online survey is available to give patients, caregivers and clinicians a voice in research.


Advanced Breast Cancer Community
The Advanced Breast Cancer Community is a web portal and online community solely dedicated to advanced/metastatic breast cancer patients, their families, friends and health care providers.


Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN)
MBCN is an American patient-led advocacy organization dedicated to the unique concerns of the women and men living with metastatic breast cancer. is dedicated to the needs of people living with metastatic breast cancer.  The website links to online resources, information about research and treatments, and the perspectives of Musa Mayer, long-time advocate and author.


The mission of the MetaCancer Foundation is to improve the psychosocial condition of people living with metastatic cancers. Its website includes information and tips, as well as an online community. – Metastatic Breast Cancer Information and Support  offers a message board for people with metastatic breast cancer.


METAvivor is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of advanced breast cancer and equity in research and patient support.
This website offers women with metastatic breast cancer and their families a place to learn about brain metastases from a patient perspective.


Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Living Beyond Breast Cancer offers a section on its website for the latest news on advanced disease, treatments and updates on clinical trials. Guides to understanding metastatic breast cancer are also featured. is a comprehensive resource for breast cancer information.



Cancer Connection

Advanced Breast Cancer Community – Metastatic Breast Cancer Information and Support

Stage IV and Metastatic Breast Cancer (