A mother may find it very difficult to talk to a young child about her illness. It’s natural to want to protect your children from the news, however children know when something is wrong, and will usually imagine the worst if not told the truth. No matter how difficult it is, be assured that sharing the diagnosis with your children can reduce their feelings of fear, confusion and helplessness.

Here are some tips to help you in telling your children about your diagnosis:

  • Speak honestly, frankly and hopefully about your breast cancer and treatment. It’s best to use age-appropriate language
  • Use accurate terms, such as cancer and tumour, with children who are old enough to understand what those words mean in order to avoid confusion
  • Young children may blame themselves for a parent’s illness, relating it to their own bad behaviour. Emphasize to your child that cancer is no one’s fault
  • Encourage an ongoing dialogue. Each child will process the information differently, and upon learning your news, may have questions immediately or much later. By discussing questions as they arise, you can better understand your child’s concerns and how best to address them
  • Let your child know that it’s okay to be upset, angry or scared
  • Remind them often that they will always be cared for and loved

Older children and adolescents also need to be treated with sensitivity and openness. They may find it hard to acknowledge or accept your illness. They should be made aware that there are other adults they can talk to if they find it too difficult to speak with you directly. Perhaps an aunt, uncle or a close family friend can provide support.

It may also be helpful to inform your child’s teachers and/or school principal that you have cancer, so that they can be aware of any changes in behaviour that your child is exhibiting.

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