Many women considering post-mastectomy breast reconstruction want to see the real results of various breast reconstruction procedures, in person, rather than just seeing before-and-after photos. They also want the chance to discuss those results with the women who have had the procedure.

The Show & Tell Lounge that is offered at many BRA Day events provide women with a safe and comfortable environment for showing, telling, talking and connecting. Women who have had breast reconstruction volunteer to reveal their reconstructed breasts and answer questions other women may have.

The Show & Tell Lounge is intended to give women a realistic expectation of breast reconstruction results and provide them with a better understanding of the pros and cons of breast reconstruction.

What women have said about the Show & Tell Lounge…

“The energy and emotion in the Show & Tell Lounge seemed almost explosive! There was much laughter, and yes, “tears of relief” about breast reconstruction, and tears about painful cancer journeys too.”

“I found the most powerful and inspirational part of the night to be the Show & Tell Lounge. To meet and see people who have been in my place and are now on the other side and can share their stories. It’s reassuring to know that I will one day be in their shoes.”