handsWhether you’re worried about a lump, waiting for test results, absorbing a new diagnosis or one you’ve been coming to terms with over time, breast cancer and hereditary cancer can be intimidating, confusing and scary.

In a word, it’s overwhelming.

The members of our Support and Information Team have been personally affected by cancer, so we understand the importance of connecting with someone who “gets it”. We bring a human lens to cancer and its treatment. We strive to create a safe place so people can be themselves, ask the tough questions and get support, information, insights and resources, from people who’ve been there themselves.

  • Call Our Breast Cancer Support & Information Helpline

    Call CBCF's helpline to connect with a member of our Support and Information Team - someone who has had breast cancer, or is at high risk, and can understand your concerns.

  • Ask a question

    Have a specific question? CBCF’s Support and InformationTeam works with our Health Librarian to provide you with the most recent, credible and accurate information that is relevant to you and your situation.

  • Pearls of Wisdom

    Read first-hand tips and stories from people who have "been there" or "living it".

  • Find a Breast Cancer or High Risk Support Group

    Connecting face-to-face with others who are going through or have gone through a similar experience can be very beneficial. Find a support group in your community.

  • National, Provincial and Regional Resources

    Find supportive resources that are available both regionally and nationally.