The highly informed and compassionate members of our Breast Cancer Support and Information Team, each of whom has had breast cancer or a high-risk diagnosis, provide personalized service to every client.

The team works together with our Health Librarian, providing you with the most accurate information and resources to address your unique concerns and questions. 

Call our helpline to:


  • connect with someone who has breast cancer, or is at high risk, and can understand your concerns
  • access credible, relevant information specific to your diagnosis and situation
  • locate resources in your community such as support groups, wigs, prostheses, and financial help
  • discuss how to support a loved one
  • gain an understanding of your personal risk factors for breast cancer
  • talk to someone for as long as you want – we are here to listen and support you

 Why call?

  • To talk about your feelings and your concerns.
  • To talk to someone who has been there.
  • For assistance navigating the healthcare system, and accessing financial resources.
  • For information about breast cancer or hereditary cancer.
  • For information to better understand your risk factors for breast cancer.
  • For information to enable you to support someone you care about who is at high risk or has a diagnosis.
  • We are here to listen and support you. You can talk for as long as you need. There is no charge for any of our services.

Who will I speak with when I call?

When you call the Helpline, you’ll talk with a member of our Support and Information Team. Each member of the team has had breast cancer or a high-risk diagnosis. Having been there, they can understand and relate to your condition and concerns. If required, they can work with our Health Librarian to supply you with the most recent, credible and accurate information specific to your unique diagnosis, situation and questions.

What are the benefits of calling?

Speaking with a peer about a shared experience can help you:

  • build your emotional strength
  • find inspiration and hope
  • recognize and normalize the feelings you might be experiencing
  • reduce your sense of isolation
  • get answers to your questions
  • by providing you with a confidential place to connect with someone who “gets it”, not burdening or worrying your family and friends
  • by connecting you to knowledgeable staff who can address concerns to manage your worries about a loved one’s diagnosis
  • access information to help you to make the decisions you’re facing

What kind of information do you provide?

We provide information and answers to anyone affected by breast cancer or hereditary cancer. The information offered includes all aspects of breast cancer and hereditary cancer, throughout the continuum of care from diagnosis through treatment, and then beyond as the journey continues. We’re here to assist you in any way, at any point, whether you’re coming to terms with a new diagnosis, dealing with the fear of recurrence, or need support living with advanced breast cancer.

Our Health Librarian works with the Support and Information Team to research your specific diagnosis, concerns and questions, then provide you with the most recent, credible and accurate information.

Do you only help people diagnosed with breast cancer?

We encourage anyone affected by breast cancer to call us. This includes:

  • women and men at any stage of their experience with breast cancer
  • family, friends and caregivers of those living with breast cancer
  • anyone with concerns about their breast health or risk of developing breast cancer, including hereditary risk

Do you give medical advice? 

We do not offer medical advice. However, we can help you make informed decisions by helping you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

Are calls confidential?

Yes, all calls are confidential. We do not share names or personal information with anyone.

How often can I call?

Call us as often as you’d like. That’s why we’re here, and we’re always glad to help!

Can I speak to someone in a language other than English?

We will happily arrange interpreter services for those who wish to speak in their language of choice, and like all of our services, it’s completely free of charge.

Is there a cost?

All of our services and programs are free.

How do I contact you?

Call us toll free from anywhere in Canada at 1.888.778.3100, or email us at 

When can I call the helpline?

Monday to Friday 9 am – 7:30 pm  (EST)

If you want to reach us beyond these times, you can email us at or call our toll-free phone number (1.888.778.3100) and leave a message with your name and the best time to call you back. We will do our best to return your call within 24 hours.