WHEN: November 17 – 19, 2017

WHERE: Kingbridge Conference Centre, 12750 Jane Street, King City, ON L7B 1A3

WHY: This workshop is designed to support and empower women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, or are at high risk for hereditary breast cancer. The objective of the workshop is to equip these women with the tools they need to start and sustain community-based peer support groups and community outreach.

HOW: This 2.5-day workshop, facilitated by CCS’s Breast Cancer Support and Information Programs Team along with our peer trainers, will provide women with the opportunity to learn about the peer support model of service delivery and how lived experience makes them uniquely qualified to support others. Our goal is to equip women to take that lived experience and share it in a way that is both responsible and sustainable.

Through a combination of large group and concurrent sessions, the workshop offers two levels of training:

Level One – Fundamentals of Facilitation: This session is essential for those who are starting new support groups or are new to peer facilitation.

Level Two – Advanced Facilitation: This session provides ongoing skill development for peer facilitators and training to sustain both the volunteer, and the group.

This workshop also provides an excellent networking opportunity for volunteers to connect with others doing similar work, to share experiences and lessons learned and to feel rejuvenated in their role by practicing self-care.

Please note: This workshop will be delivered in English.


Learn more about CCS’s Breast Cancer Support Volunteer Training Program and the role of Peer Support Group Facilitators.



  • Guidelines for peer support provision in groups and one-to-one situations
  • Communication and facilitation skills
  • Self-care and boundaries
  • Strategies to deal with common challenges in group and one-to-one situations
  • Outreach ideas and support group promotional tools
  • Information about CCS’s expanded programs and services

CCS recognizes, welcomes, and values diversity and inclusion. The facilitators of this workshop are committed to providing an environment that fosters respect and support for all attendees.


CCS welcomes applications from volunteers who are currently active, and those interested in becoming active in their community. Preference will be given to those who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, or are at high risk for hereditary breast cancer. Given the nature of the role, we do require that individuals be a minimum of one year past their initial diagnosis. Please note that support groups which are inclusive of, but not limited to breast cancer are welcome in this training. Approval for participation in this program will be on a case-by-case basis.


Canadian Cancer Society recognizes the unique contributions which peer support facilitators offer, so all eligible participant expenses for the workshop including registration, accommodations, parking and group meals (from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch) are covered by our program funding.

Travel subsidies are available for expenses such as car rental, mileage or air travel. All eligible travel arrangements and subsequent expenses must be pre-approved by the workshop organizers (CCS) and must coincide with workshop times and the lowest available fares. Attendees who are planning to arrive earlier or depart later than the actual Workshop dates are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Approved reimbursement for the Workshop portion travel and accommodations will be based on the above criteria.

For more information please contact:

Danielle VandeZande
Senior Manager, Support Services & Community Engagement
Canadian Cancer Society
danielle.vandezande@cancer.ca or 1-800-268-8874 xt.7115



*  All information collected will be held in confidence and used by CCS’s Breast Cancer Support and Information Programs Team for the planning and logistics of the workshop.